Recorded live in rehearsal for the "Last" launch show on Feb 19th at Servant Jazz Quarters with support from Owl & Mouse and Superman Revenge Squad - www.facebook.com/events/378153015678627

Rehearsal Video Footage - www.youtube.com/watch?v=psBN8-of71Y

Pre-Order "Last" (LP/Download) - audioantihero.bandcamp.com/album/last

Album Premiere at The 405: www.thefourohfive.com/news/article/listen-to-last-by-low-low-low-la-la-la-love-love-love-405-premiere-142


"I cannot wait to listen to this album in the summer, for some reason I need guitars like this when it's warm - fuzzy layers of guitar, melancholy words, cold drinks, hot sun. I'm listening to this album now, and I know it is a goodbye, but somehow I'm still full of hope." - The 405

"Full of heart, 'Last' is a perfect balance of rough lo-fi textures and luscious blends of soft and loud. This powerful duo have something to be proud of with this final treasure of an album." - Independent Music News

"The aptly named Last sees the band revert back to their more familiar guise as a 2-piece, recording on tape to produce an ultra-lo-fi sound which really has to be heard to be believed." - Crackle Feedback

"Brilliant." - Dean Jackson (BBC)

"It sounds like a classic single from another era, like what I imagine watching Top of the Pops was like in the early ’70s, on a tiny tube TV, while trying to explain what was happening onscreen to Grandma." - Don't Need No Melody

"Last presents significant, curious charms; it's the kind of record that surprises with noisy unpredictability, quiet intimacy and unflinching sincerity." - Clicky Clicky Music Blog


from Harvesting (Acoustic), released February 11, 2015



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